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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


B&D/B and D - bondage and discipline. That is, sexual activity in which one person gets tied up and the other person inflicts verbal or physical punishment on them. Note: There are many and varied permutations on this theme. Usage example: "anyone fancy a little B and D?", "sorry, ropegrrl, you're cute but I’m not into B&D".

BDSM - bondage discipline sadism masochism; B&D with the specific inclusion of the infliction of punishment by a sadist on a masochist. Usage example: "This is a bdsm room and may contain pictures or activities of a sexual nature. If you have chosen this room in error please click here".

BF - boyfriend.

blue screen of death - when this happens to your computer, close one or more programmes. It's not actually fatal, despite its name.

board - messageboard; an address in cyber-space where comments and replies to comments can be posted. Many boards are publicly accessible but some have passwords to restrict them to members-only use. On all boards, brevity is the soul of netiquette. Long, rambling and pointless posts are looked upon with disfavour and rarely attract replies.

bottom - See sub.

boyf - see bf.

BRB - be right back. The person is on a toilet break, pretending they are working because their boss is in the room, taking their dinner out of the oven before it burns, retrieving a file or pic for you to look at, emailing you, ghosting in another room, etc.. They will probably be back within 3 minutes. When is it considered impolite to "brb"? When at a crucial point in cybering.

browser - the software thingy that lets you get onto the internet and look at websites like this one.

B4 - before.

BEG - big evil grin.

BFN - bye for now.

BIBO - beer in beer out.

BMOC - big man on campus.

BS - bullshit.

BTDT - been there, done that.

BTSOOM - beats the shit out of me.

BTW - by the way.


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blue screen of death is abbreviated bsod

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