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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


AFK - away from keyboard. Signalling that the person is currently busy but will return in 1 minute, 5 minutes, half an hour or when their boss has left the building. If you wonder why a person is not responding to you, scroll back to see if they have left a "afk" or "brb" message. Alternatively, they may be pm’ing and just too damn busy to talk to you.

AKA - also known as. Usage example: "do you know Suz aka wildgrrl?".

A/all - the form of address when directing a remark to all dommes and all subs. Usage example: "hello A/all".

ASAP - as soon as possible.

A/S/L - Age? Sex? Location? A question often asked very early in a conversation by wankers and other rude people. You don’t have to answer. The whole point of cyberspace is that you are a person rather than a vehicle for your genitals or someone else's prejudices.

ATTN - attention.

av/avi - see avatar.

avatar - picture or image you choose to represent you in chat. Static pictures may be posted in some text chatrooms, 3D pictures are used in 3D chatrooms. Some chatters are av makers, that is, they make avatars for other chatters or for their friends. The wearer or maker of a great av is much admired. A great many av's used are simply unaltered pictures saved from a site somewhere on the net. Some large chat providers have a selection of av's for their members to choose from. However, these usually bear evidence of the heated imaginings of misogyny, as do most of those from clip-art sites. Usage examples: "hey, gillfish, love your av. did you make it?", "hang on. i’ve got an address for good av's". 'Avatar' is from Sanskrit. It's original meaning is the descent of a deity or released soul to earth in bodily form; incarnation; manifestation [Oxford dictionary, 1997].

AWOL/ AWL - absent without leave. Usage example: "A: hey, what happened to C?" "B: She went awol. I think her browser is on the blink.", "D: what’s wrong, E?" "E: my gf went awol. She just dumped me without a word."

AYT - are you there?


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