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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


C - see.

chat - "hi, you've reached x's phone. I can't come to the phone right now. I'm either not home, at work or in chat", "this is my new gf. We met in chat".

chat - to communicate with others in a chat room. Usage example: "I would chat all night if I didn't have to work in the mornings", "how often do you chat?"

chat provider - a website on which public or members-only chat is possible. These sites range from the very large and popular and heavily populated, to very small sites with chat facilities provided for a specific subject at a specific time, such as a chatroom provided on an academic website. The big, popular websites are free to all comers, if you don't mind the bombardment of pornography advertisements, but most offer membership also. Membership on these sites usually offers benefits like guaranteed entry to rooms even when they are full, reservation of your nick and, sometimes, less advertising.

chatroom - see room.

chatter - person who chats.

clip-art - copyright-free illustrations, pictures, avatars, etc. available on sites on the internet.

collar - a collar worn by a sub to indicate that she is in a committed relationship with a domme. Usage example: "A: hey, guess what? C's taking a collar next week." "B: you're kidding? I thought she wasn't into commitment".

collar - the act of giving, receiving or wearing a collar. Usage example: "E: she can't cyber with you without her domme's permission. She's collared".

CNP - continued (in my) next post.

CRAFT - can't remember a fucking thing.

CU - see you.

CUL8R - see you later.

CYA - see ya.

cyber- takes place or is located in cyber-space. Usage example: "cyber-sex", "cyber-cafe". Virtual is also used in the same way, though mainly by newspapers now.

cyber - the virtual act of sex or other acts of a sexual nature, for example, sadomasochism and bondage & discipline. Usage example: "I am in mid cyber. Come back later".

cyber - the act of computer-mediated sex or performance of other acts of a sexual nature. Usage example: "so, this new girl you met online. did you and her cyber?" Some people don't get cyber, they're not turned on by it or they don't believe they would be if they tried it. Some people use cyber to have sex with someone in another city or country. Some people stick to stick realism when they cyber, i.e., if it can't be done in real life they don't do it in cyber. Some people use cyber to remove the physical restraints of their human bodies, i.e., they might be more flexible in cyber or be the opposite sex or an hermaphrodite (person with fully functional male and female genitals) or an animal or tree.

cyber-space - the place inside our heads which we enter when we go online; the place we imagine we are when we communicate with others by means of the internet. Usage example: "the infinity of cyber-space", "in cyber-space no-one can hear you fart".


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