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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


flamer - 1. she or he who flames; person who posts or emails purely negative comment. Usage example: "Flamers will be given two warnings then blocked by the moderator". 2. gay or bisexual male who behaves in a flamboyant or obviously (to hetersexuals) gay manner.

flame - on messageboards, the posting of comment or replies ranging from the purely childish to the splendidly witty, and hitting every mark in between. Usage example: "Warning: flaming is allowed on this board".

F2F - face to face; in RL; in the real world. Usage example: "I'm meeting my online gf f2f next month. I'm really nervous. What if I don't like her in real life? What if she doesn't like me?".

FAQ - frequently asked questions.

FOAD - fuck off and die.

FYI - for your information.


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