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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


G - grin.

GAL - 1. get a life. 2. girl.

GBG - God bless Google.

gf/GF - girlfriend.

GGL - giggle.

ghosting - to appear to be in a room for chat but to be chatting in another room or carrying out some other task at the same time. Usage example: "Newbie: why won't H talk to me?" "J: she's ghosting. She'll be back in a while".

godmod/godmoder - a moderator with delusions of grandeur, literally a mod who thinks they are God. Usage example: "a lot of the other gaming rooms I've been in either don't stick the rules or have too many godmoders in them".

Google - www.google.com, a popular search engine; the use of Google. Example: "Don't ask me, go to Google." "That lazy bastard can't even be bothered to Google."

Graphic chat - a room in which chatters are represented by graphics or avatars (pictures) and the room itself is represented by a picture of a room/garden/alien space ship/etc. The chatter can navigate her avatar around this room and into others and so appears to be moving through a physical space. Usage example: "I went into a graphic room the other day. It was pretty cool", "Yeah, it's fun but I still prefer text-only".

graphic - picture or image.

graphic heavy - having lots of graphics.


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