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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


netiquette - net etiquette; polite behaviour while online; no shouting, no flaming (except in flame-specific rooms or boards), no PM'ing those who don't want to be PM'd (stop if they're not interested), no chucking wobblies when no-one will talk to you. Why won't people talk to you? They could be PM'ing, or in the middle of a conversation already, or you're being an arsehole and they don't want to talk to you. How to be an arsehole in cyber-space: expect everyone to love you, PM those who don't want to be PM'd, SHOUT, chuck a wobbly when no-one will talk to you, go into a room and start slagging off the topic of conversation, enter a room which specifically excludes you (for example: go into a female-only room if you are a male), behave in a manner that would be unpleasant or inappropriate in RL.

nick - nickname or online name. Usage example: "funkyfunkypinkgala: hey, it's X, how do you like my new nick?" "nervouswombat: hey, I love it, babe". The selection of an imaginative, unique and accurately-descriptive nick will earn the admiration of others and is considered something of an art among dedicated chatters. To call yourself "Anonymous" is to invite ridicule.

N/A - not applicable/ no answer.

NC - no comment; I wish to make no comment or give no answer.

Newbie - novice user, person is not yet familiar with the internet or with computers. See also: virgin.

Noob - American abbreviation of newbie.

Nothing between the nipple and the knee - don't have sex in this chatroom. Public sex is not welcome in most public chatrooms. You wanna get down and get squinky in front to strangers? Go to google and search "chat" + "voyeur".

NP - no problem.

NSS - no shit, Sherlock.


Blogger firstRainbowRose said...

A n00b is not the american version of a newbie. They're someone who's annoying, begs, is rude for no reason, spams, flames for no reason, and other such actions.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

That behaviour is commonly given the label "troll". Some groups or communities may use "n00b" to label it but this dictionary sticks to the commonly used labels and definitions.

Thanks for the input.

8:48 PM  

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