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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


RL - real life; those parts of one's life not mediated by cyber-space. Note: the chatter usually recognises that cyber-life is also real life but says RL to distinguish those parts of her life not mediated by the internet from those parts which are. Usage example: "I gotta go in 10 [minutes]. Gotta get back to RL", "are you on with her in RL too?", "I'm not on with her in RL. We met online. She lives in Canada".

Room - an individual chat forum within a chat site, or a stand-alone chatroom on a smaller site. A large popular chat site may have as many as 200 rooms, a small chat site may have one room used at different times for different chatters or less than 10 rooms used simultaneously. Rooms have names intended to inform the chatter of the interests of the chatters within them.

rofl/ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing. In reply to a funny message.

R - are.

RCI - rectal-cranial inversion; the person referred to has their head up their arse, metaphorically speaking.

Re - regarding; in reference to. Usage example: "LOL re the unicorn, julie."

RTFM - read the fucking manual.

RTI - real time interruption.

RUOK - Are you okay?


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