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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


S - smile.

shout - to type in CAPS or CAPITAL letters. THE EFFECT OF TYPING IN CAPS IN CYBERSPACE IS VERY SIMILAR TO SHOUTING IN RL CONVERSATION. It is irritating to others. Usage example: "Stop shouting. It makes you look like such a dickhead."

smilies / smilicons / emoticons - the combination of keyboard keys to represent facial expressions. Examples of smilies: : ) :- ) smiley face ; ) winking face :_( crying face : P poking tongue out face >: ( frowning face :D grinning face etc.

SNAFU - situation normal, all fucked up.

SNERT - snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager.

SO - significant other (girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, wife, husband, etc).

SorG/ S/G - are you straight or gay?

S B or G/ S/G/Bi - are you straight, bisexual or gay?

sound of one hand typing, the - the act of having sex via text chat. Your other hand is in your underwear. See cyber.

SPAM - sometimes known as Stupid People's Advertisement; unsolicited email sent in mass mail-outs, usually of a commercial nature.

Strap-on - dildo; a silicone or latex object similarly shaped and used similarly to the way a penis is used.

sub - in bdsm, a submissive person; a bottom. Usage example: "is your sub collared?"

subby - behaving in a submissive manner. Usage example: "I'm a bit subby when I want to be", "He's too subby for me."

SWALK - sealed with a loving kiss.

switch - in bdsm, she who moves between being domme and sub or sub and domme.

switch - in bdsm, to move between domme and being sub.


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