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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


wanker - 1. literally: he who masturbates. 2. A male who comes into chat or who emails for the purpose of one-sided sexual gratification. The wanker is typified by his persistent and aggressive behaviour and his total disregard for the rights of others. 3. Person whose behaviour is negative or causes others to have little respect for him or her. Usage example: "I wouldn't bother replying to him if I was you, he's just a wanker."

whisper - a private message within a chatroom. Usage example: "hey, pet, let's take it to whisper."

whisper - to send or receive a private message. Usage example: "are you whispering to someone?".

W - wink.

WB - welcome back.

WEG - wicked evil grin. Usage example: *weg*.

w/o - without.

WTFRU - who the fuck are you?

WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get.


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